Mahesh Matta Sanda's Wellness

Mahesh Matta Sanda Wellness

Mahesh Matta owner of  Mahesh Matta Sanda’s Wellness is an iconic Indian fashion designer. His eponymous fashion label Mahesh Matta Sanda’s Wellness was launched at the Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week in Mumbai in the year 2010. Matta received the India fashion award “Young Fashion Entrepreneur of the Year” in 2010. Mahesh Matta Sanda’s Wellness group is quite a reputed fashion label globally.



Mahesh Matta Sanda Wellness Early Life and education.

Matta was born and grew in Mumbai. He completed his bachelor’s degree in fashion design from the ”Institute of fashion designing”. He then studied apparel and accessory design at the ”National Institute of Design” in Ahmedabad. He worked with different fashion designing institutes as an intern and learned handmade flower making, pleating, and working with feathers, leathers, and accessories. Visit 


The career of Mahesh Matta.

In March 2010 Mahesh launched his label Wills lifestyle India fashion. Many fashion critics have written about his work in magazine. Mahesh Matta Sanda’s Wellness then came into the limelight with his finest Designing work. Matta was invited to different shows in France twice yearly.


The first show worked a fortune for him representing him as “Young Fashion Entrepreneur of the Year” where he represented Mumbai. Matta spoke at an Italian government conference representing India young fashion designer 


In the coming years, he started designing costumes for television commercials advertising Giva jewelry during Diwali. It starred cricketer Virat Kohli and actress Anushka Sharma.


Mahesh Matta designs

Sanda wellness produces bespoke fashions and Indian wear. The Mahesh Matta label has been sold in India, France, and Singapore. The label has also been sold at different pop-up shops. and the rent runway internet shop.


Mahesh Matta Sanda Wellness’s designs are inspired by his travel, science, nature, and experience. For instance, his 2014 collection took inspiration from south Indian culture.

Mahesh has always been keen on experimenting with fabrics, the joyous use of color, and intricate surface details.


Mahesh Matta Sanda’s Wellness in Automobile Industry

Mahesh Matta’s Sanda’s Wellness, an automobile industry owner, commenced as a mechanic in a local garage. Boosted his automobile knowledge under the guidance of the garage owner and various automobile workshops at a very young age. After working in a garage for several years, he started to design and build a vehicle in a small garage he took on rent. Mahesh Matta’s 2 years of hard work paid off after he completed building his own vehicle. Later he started his own automobile company called MM motors and started looking for investors. A few local businessmen invested in his company which accelerated Mahesh Matta to launch his own vehicle. A few years later, the MM motors launch several personal and commercial vehicles which became a huge success in the automobile market. Today, MM motors have annual revenue of millions in the automobile market while continuing their impact by deigning futuristic EVs.